Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why I don't talk about my job

Primarily because I don't want to be defined by it. I have a different than most, interesting job, but it is more something to sustain my lifestyle than an all consuming passionate career. Besides, when I tell people what I do for a living, I usually spend the next five minutes explaining it, apart from the maybe one person in ten who actually knows what I'm talking about. That gets old very fast. I have seriously considered having cards made up to do the explaining for me.
The other reason I don't talk about it in this forum is that I am not supposed to. Last week we had an email from corporate HQ reiterating our media policy. It was mostly standard guff, but the interesting bit was at the end. The gist of it was "No ________ ______ employee is to discuss ________ ______ products or practices with the media, journalists, the general public, or in email, chatrooms or blog" (My emphasis. "Blog" is a direct quote, I thought the more formal "weblog" would be used in an official communique, but there you go.).
Thus I won't be talking about work much here. I wasn't going to anyway, but now it is officially mandated.
Suffice to say I work in _______ ___________, producing ________ for the _____ ______ market, both locally and globally. My job involves _____ ______ in a ______ ________. It is not _______ as most people assume. Neither is it ____ _______. It generally requires tertiary study in at least ___________, and ___________.
It requires a range of disciplines and knowledge. The best analogy for it that people can relate easily to is _______. The principles are very similar, with a slightly different application.
So that's what I do between weekends.
Also, those of you that do know what I do, please don't blow my cover. I am not here, and neither are you.....

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