Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Love and Hate

Watched some Rock Star Supernova tonight. Difficult to find the words to describe how much I HATE it. Can't stand it. Shithouse covers of good songs. Performances that are more about swagger and looks than important things, like say, remembering the lyrics. Dude sang Peter Gabriel's 'Solsbury Hill', one of my favourite songs, and couldn't even get the first verse right. Chick sang 'Cat's in the cradle' and munted the lyrics on that too. I've got nothing against the people performing in it, I just hate the concept that brought them there. This and Idol have nothing to do with picking the best person. They are about picking the most popular person. Can you imagine say, Joe Strummer or Billy Bragg or P J Harvey winning one of these things? Neither can I.

Anyway, enough of the hate, on with the Love.

I love how at night, noisy busy places become quiet and peaceful.

I love how electric lights come on at dusk as the sunlight fades.

I love how at dusk things can take on the colour of their surroundings.

I love how mist holds light, and makes it surround things

Top left: The Terrace from the Benny Party
Top right: Paraparaumu and Kapiti Island from Paekakariki Hill Road lookout
Lower Left: My car at the Paekakariki lookout
Lower right: My street on a cold misty night


Anonymous said...

I really like the photo of the tree in the mist - I think it's because it's such an ordinary thing, but the way the light/mist is makes it look really different.

Did you do the photos with a digital camera, or a cellphone?

Not Kate said...

I liked that post. It was a visual feast.... You like photographing skies and colours and whatnot.

Did our party popper picture turn out?

Off-Black said...

Taken with my trusty Minolta film SLR.
No the popper didn't come out, must have been darker than I thought.

bitemeandsmile said...

Awesome photos. I love the mist one, completely changes the way your street looks. Also like the one above the buildings. The Kapiti ones would be more appreciatied if I hadnt worked up there for four years :)

strong light said...