Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Netball musings

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Wow the last post was difficult.
I now turn to the easier topic of sport. Eventually I will delve into my sporting history as I'm sure you are all eager to read about it.
I'm still sore from last night's indoor netball game, where fill-in Phil tried to intercept a pass meant for me and instead connected with my testicles. Fi will be most relieved that I'm pretty sure that there is no permanent damage. Not really Phil's fault, just something that happened. Still owie owie though. Boys reading feel free to empathise, girls be thankful you don't have to deal with this as a day to day possibility, and then feel free to rant about how you put up with worse. I found last nights game difficult primarily for that reason, but also due to the umpire's style of not ruling contacts, pretty much ever. Still he did call people for stepping into me when I was shooting, which I appreciated. I now have the step away ploy to draw a foul from any foolish D who tries to follow down pat, to the point where it is almost automatic. I seem to be learning to adjust my shot correctly as well, thus becoming able to step away and still core from outside the circle. I thought I had a good game last night. I've got to get better at the calm and composed thing though. I hate that I get so worked up sometimes on court.
Played again tonight, as a fill in for the Tuesday team I recently quit. Shot some more twos, and enjoyed the game way more than Monday's. We lost, but I relaxed in the knowledge that the Monday team would have crushed our opposition tonight.
Fi and I succeeded in reducing our netball consumption by dropping Tuesday and Wednesday. We happy to fill in, but not having a fulltime commitment is kinda liberating.

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I can confirm there are no problems with the, erm, equipment :)