Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday monday

Another weekend gone. I find I get kinda depressed on Sunday nights now, cos I know the weekend will soon be over. Still the sunday night spa's ease the pain somewhat.
Fishy's done a good weekend wrapup here.

Saturdays netball tournament was hard. 6 games, with 6 minute quarters. Given that most of the players were sourced from Wellington Indoors Superleague teams (including Fi and myself), the games were played at that level, which is kinda demanding physically. By the end of the last game I was ready to fall over. I fell over quite heavily in game four and my right leg wasn't quite working right, which made things more difficult (this was later fixed by a judiciously applied combination of nurofen and beer). Still I enjoyed it. Our team was competitive generally if not winning, and we didn't disgrace ourselves. It was good for my self confidence as a player with trials for the summer season fast approaching.

Still working on a positivity list after the positivity post was reposted after being yanked by its author.

Got to disappear for more netball now, but I'll leave you with this, which I found very funny:

I'm not gonna flinch

The commentary is priceless

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Not Kate said...

That was a fast plane. It whooshed over his head.