Sunday, July 30, 2006

What if and other questions

Listening to/watching: C4's 40 greatest #1's ever. I'd forgotten how great the video is for the Aerosmith/RunDMC remake of 'walk this way'...........

My great uncle, Michael Tarleton, signed up for the New Zealand 2nd Expeditionary Force during the first world war, the 'great' war as it was known, at least until until the second world war showed the world what greatness we were really capable of when it came to killing each other en masse. His story is part of an collection of stuff that includes several photos of long dead ancestors who look like me (which is kinda disturbing, even if highly logical), which we were looking at at my parents place earlier tonight.
He left New Zealand in March 1917. He was sent to a frontline unit in France on the 9th of July. On the 10th of August 1917 he was wounded. It is recorded that he reached a casualty clearing station, where he died, from a 'G.S.W penetrating, chest' (G.S.W-Gunshot wound I assume). The dates and details form part of the telegram sent to his mother in Dunedin to inform her of his death in action, which my mother has. It's a fairly terse document. Mum also has the clipping of his obituary from the local paper, alongside the other soldiers who died that week.
He was buried next to a Private Sautherly. Did they know each other when they were alive? If so did it occur to either of them that they would spend eternity together, thousands of miles from home? Did the German who shot him survive the war? How did he end his days? What if my great uncle had lived? Would he still have been around in 1976, when I was born? What would he say if you could have told him in 1917 that someone would be writing about him 89 years later?
I wonder about these what if things, when I'm not concentrating on what is, which is far more important. Still wondering can be a fun indulgence. I like the idea of endless parallel realities, where every possible outcome can occur.
What if I died in a car accident in 1995, a 'what if' that came very close to being a 'what is' (that's a whole future post in itself right there...) ? How would that have affected the lives of those around me? What if I had been merely maimed?
What if the Soviet Union had decided to act pre-emptively in late 1983 when its leadership thought (seriously) that the US and NATO were about to attack them? That one is somewhat unpleasant to ponder at length.
What if Labour hadn't won the 1984 election?
What if Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, JFK, had lived?
We'll never know.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Man working

Listening to 'Urban Hymns'-The Verve. Can't believe this album is now nine years old.....

Just got home from Murphy's Irish Bar in Petone after having completely banjoed all opposition at the quiz night. I'm not sure of the final score, but ours was 92 or 93 out of a possible 110. Got the ponderous 2nd round for nine points, round scores were something like 10, 10, 9, 10, 7, 6, 9, 8.

I thought I'd show you all around my modelling workbench, otherwise known as the dining table. I've captioned it to help with the explanation. I'm working on two major projects at the moment, another 1/72 scale Skyhawk (the one mentioned in the Geekiness post), and a 1/24 model of my car. Observe the chaos at the top of the page.

Anyway, the explanation.
At left we have sandpaper of various grades. Since not all seams between are perfect, and real world objects generally don't have huge join lines running down them, ever finer grades of sandpaper are required, along with filler to make things nice and smooth. The finest grades of sandpaper can be used to sand clear plastic to remove flaws, which is a trick I've heard about, but never actally tried.
As the sand paper is 'wet and dry', a dish of water accompanies it (the water removes sanded material from the paper, maintaining its sanding ability.
Above the dish is the box the Skyhawk is in, with the assembled, sanded and primered rear fuselage sticking out. On the box is some painting instructions, and plastic sheet. Plastic sheet, as the name implies, is a thin sheet of the same plastic the models are made out of, and you use it to scratchbuild (make your own) parts if they are not in the kit.
Just below the water dish is plastic cement (glue), for plastic-plastic joins.
Below and around the glue are various MX-5 (car) sub assemblies. The under body has the suspension, engine, exhaust and stuff. It has been painted appropriately, and then sprayed with a tan colour like the tyres above to simulate road dirt (a process known in the hobby as 'weathering'. Making stuff look like it has been used, and thus more realistic). I made the floormats from plastic sheet, and they roughly match the ones in my 1/1 MX-5 parked outside, including the diamond plate. The kit I have of the MX-5 represents an earlier model than mine, and I have been doing a lot of scrtachbuilding to make it match. So far I have built the stereo, floormats and stiffening bar (the grey bit with white ends), and put in fake carpet. Still have to do the mudguards and seatbelts.
The Mcdonalds stirrer is incredibly handy for stirring paint, applying putty, or attaching small parts to for painting. Various restaurant and airline strirrers are scattered all over the table.
The steel ruler is essential for measuring and cutting things. Steel doesn't wear like a plastic or wooden ruler would, so it maintains a straight edge at all times.
The knife is the modellers multitool. Many, many uses, not least of which is cutting stuff, like plastic and fingers.
A cutting board is essential to protect the surface below your knife, and the grid helps with measuring and aligning. Visible above and to the right of the cutting board are the assembly instructions for the MX-5. These can often be treated as mere guidelines. Following these to the letter can actually work against you at times.
Next to the cutting board is another modellers friend, yesterdays news paper. Primarily there to soak up paint/glue spills before they reach something expensive.
At the top of the paper is gum glue for paper/plastic joins, and other stuff where plastic glue is inappropriate, like the fake carpet (which is fine fibre scattered onto a glue covered surface).
Since I use acrylic paints mostly, I have water for washing my brushes.
The tape has a multitude of uses. Masking things you dont want to paint, holding things together while glue dries etc.
Various paints are next to the tape.
Below the tape, a Skyhawk drop tank (right underneath the word 'tank') has been attached to a Mcdonalds stirrer, painted silver, then then masked with tape for another colour to be applied. Called a drop tank as it can be discarded from its aircraft in flight if need be.
Below the tank is a saw. For sawing things that would be too difficult or messy to cut with a knife. Next to the saw is a pencil, for marking where you want to cut stuff, or where you want to paint stuff, or for labelling similar looking bits so they aren't mixed up.
Super glue is used for plastic/metal, plastic/rubber, plastic/resin, or difficult plastic/plastic joins.
Tweezers are for delicate stuff, where fingers are too big or clumsy.
Sprue is what the parts come attached to. Molten plastic is injected into a mould along the 'framework' that is visible (this sprue has had most of its parts removed, the pointy bits show where they were), and goes on to fill the mould to form the kit parts. Hence the term 'injection moulding'.
The old cutting board is my familys old breadboard that is probably older than I am.
The marker pen is also used for marking cutting lines.
I have a range of brushes, from very broad to very fine, not all shown here. For applying paint obviously. Paint can also be sprayed on via an airbrush, or the spray cans visible at top right.
The scriber is used as a cutting aid, since it makes nice neat lines in the plastic, and removes its own debris so it doesn't jam itself like a knife blade does. Mainly used to reapply moulded detail you may have removed during sanding.
The grip is used to loosen the lids of paint jars if necessary.
Files are for, well, filing. Shaping stuff, finishing stuff, doing hardcore stuff that would either take ages or be impossible with sandpaper.

Caution: Man working here

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ramble on

Listening to: 'August and everything after'-Counting Crows.

I'll be thirty in about a month. I need help deciding on how I am going to mark the occasion.
Options include:
Renting out a Lighthouse cinema and screening a movie of my choice. Maybe 'Airplane'.
Coercing D3vo into letting me borrow his house and his mind (for ideas) for some kind of themed party.
Function room somewhere.
Restaurant somewhere.
Barbecue somewhere.Or you can all come over to my place and get drunk Hutt styles. It's only the Hutt. There's no need to be afraid....

I'll have to decide soon. Help me decide. Give me suggestions loyal readers.

Speaking of loyal readers, several nice people have said nice things about my missives, and even linked to them, which gives me validation and warm fuzzies. Heart to the nice peeps.

I found something I like about Winter (re the 'winter' post). You can sit out in the sun at lunchtime and not worry about getting sunburned. That and frosts. I deliberately walk across the grass on frosty days, so I can feel the ice crunch beneath my feet, and see the trail of my footfalls in the white.

I tried to think of ten dorky things, but really they were only 8 dorky things with repetitions.

On the way home from netball tonight we came across a recently deaded cat in the middle of Woburn road. I picked it up and placed it on the footpath, so that whoever is looking for it will find an intact dead pet, rather than a mashed dead pet. Seemed like the right thing to do.

At some point I will post about my sporting history, a la not-kate and morgue. It feels like the thing to do, as there are stories to tell. My story is not as illustrious as theirs however.

5 things that are frustrating me at the moment:

-Israels behaviour in the Lebanon. To a lesser extent, Hezbollah and Hamas' behaviour as well.
-The seemingly endless amount of largely meaningless paperwork I have to contend with at work.
-My continuing lack of self confidence, and associated badness of handling criticism.
-Winston Peters.
-The murders we seem to be capable of. Who beats to death a 66 year old woman? Who? Who kills a pair of three month olds? Who does these things? What sort of person does this?

Now listening to: 'Finn'-Neil and Tim Finn

I got about 250+ of my photos put on to CD last week, something I've been trying to get done since February, so I have a nice feeling of accomplishment. They are almost all of Skyhawks, in response to requests from the aviation forum I inhabit. One or two might even end up being published in a book. Which would be kinda cool.

I got selected for Jury Duty, but had to turn it down due to work needing me more. Which is a pity, as I enjoyed it last time I had to do it. I found it interesting.

Film festival is on again. Sigh. I got addicted to it when I was a student, but had to go cold turkey when I got a job in Upper Hutt, amongst other things. I make my fantasy picks from the programme, but seldom get to see much.

Shout out to Richie, who is currently journeying through Russia of all places, last heard from in St Petersburg. I travel vicariously through him. Still, he is single, and less spendy than I so finds travel somewhat easier to arrange than I do.
Currently putting together a trip to Sydney for Labour weekend with my Dad. Some fathers and sons bond through sport, or fishing, or careers. We go to airshows together. There's one happening near Sydney over that weekend which looks promising, and given that it costs about the same to go there as it does to go to the Wanaka show, we may as well.

I cunningly diverted the money that was until recently paying off my car into a new savings account, optimistically named 'House'. It's easy once you learn to live without it. It's not much but it is a start.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Listening to: 'Little Creatures'- Talking Heads
In 1985 I was in standard three at Saint Michaels Catholic Primary School in Taita. One warm spring lunchtime I was out on the sports field. I looked around at the green grass, the hedge that marked the edge of the property, the blue sky with wispy cloud in it, my schoolmates playing, and said to myself, "I want to remember this moment in 1985". Why this would even occur to a nine year old as something to do is beyond me. But I did, and thus I remember.

Some things I remember from 1985:
-Being woken up late at night and taken outside to see more stars than I ever had before, and having the small pale smudge that was Halley's comet pointed out to me by my Dad.
-The Cold War. Since the issue of nuclear weapons had been so significant in the election the previous year, a lot of us kids worried about not getting to grow up. The glasnost thaw wouldn't begin until the next year. The early to mid eighties were a scary time.
-Going to see 'Back to the Future', and telling a friend about it. She told me her dad wouldn't let her go and see it because it had bad language in it.
-Getting a Transformer for Christmas, and deliberately playing with it in the family photo.
-Going to Auckland for our family Christmas holiday.
-The fortieth anniversary of the end of World War two being commemorated.
-Saving up pocket money to buy Corgi cars from the Taita bookshop.
-The music. 1985 was a really good year for 80's music. Ready to Roll was required viewing at 6:00pm on a Saturday night.
-My sister's bike being stolen from our garage.
-Talking with my grandmother and her sister about what life was like when they were growing up. My grandmother died in 1987, her sister in 1992.
-The big winter storm that cut power to our house, and dad cooking breakfast on a portable gas stove on top of the oven.
-Going to the opening of the BNZ centre, and losing my helium balloon. I was very proud that Wellington had the tallest building in the country.
-Going to the airport to see the first Qantas Boeing 767 service arrive at Wellington airport.
-Crowding around the stereo with my family listening to my first radio broadcast in stereo as 2ZM became ZMFM (now 91ZM).

In 1985:
-None of my cousins had yet had children (theres now about a dozen)
-Our family cat Blossom was 2. She would live to be 17. We acquired two rabbits for my sister, Radar (albino), and Frisky (black/brown).
-Our family cars were a brown Mazda 929, and a bright yellow Mini 1000.
-We didn't have a VCR. We did have a push button phone though.
-Train stations still had little shops where you could buy papers and sweets.
-Queensgate was still being built.

I'm not sure why I'm reminiscing about life 21 years ago, but here endeth the ramble anyway.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Top ten exemption

See not-kate for the origin of this particular random missive. Not in order.

1. "Titanic" era Kate Winslet
2.Rachel Weisz
3.Petra Bagust
4.Karen Olsen
5.Claire Danes
6.Franke Potente
7.Alison Mau
8.Sarah Ulmer
9.Janeane Garofalo
10. Shirley Manson

Also rans: Julia Deans, Julie Delphy, Winona Ryder, Uma Thurman, Kim Deal, Irene Van Dyk, The Evers-Swindell twins, Barbara Kendall, Samantha Mathis, Madeline Sami, Helena Bonham Carter, Phobe Spiers, Michelle Yeoh, Sarah Mclachlan.

Reasons will be proffered upon request.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Spooks just wanna have fun

Listening to: Fish and Kirsten watching 'Must love dogs'
Area 51 has a baseball diamond (top right).
I know its a standard feature of US military bases. Still I love the incongruity of it.
Secret base, middle of nowhere, what does one do with free time? Do they have a league? Is it social or serious?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rant o rama

Listening to: 'Higher ++ '-HDU
I don't mind that people smoke at work, what annoys me is that the only designated smoking area on site (thus the only place they are allowed to smoke) is right in front of the cafeteria doors. The doors are under a verandah, and I hold my breath from the time I approach the verandah until I get safely through the doors (about five paces), so as not to inhale the clouds of filth that the smokers produce. I don't care if they mess up their own lungs, I object to my lungs being messed up due to them exercising their 'rights'.
Still, me and my non-smoking co-workers get to sit inside on cold wet days and point and laugh at the smokers outside.
I don't care if you smoke. Just don't make it compulsory by smoking in my presence.

So the traffic guy and the morning guy on Active were raving about this great documentary "Loose Change" this morning.


My moan about LC is that it was made by people demonstrably ignorant of the subjects they were discussing, who made no apparent effort to address their ignorance, and it is being lapped up by people who, through no fault of their own, don't know any better. Not trying to insult anyone here, but that is my opinion. The problem with conspiracy theories is that they can't be disproved. They don't suffer from the burden of proof. Any disproof offered is likely to be just 'part of the conspiracy'.

I have to go back to work in a hour. Yes, at this hour. I have an interesting job sometimes.

Fishy is in Blenheim for the night, catching up with her sister, brother-in-law, and niece. I'm alone again.


Listening to: 'Diesel and Dust'-Midnight Oil
Note: If you haven't seen Richard Linklaters philosophical meditation on dreaming 'Waking life', this post won't make much sense.
So after rewatching 'Waking Life' last week, I tried to give this Lucid Dreaming thing a try. One of the fundamental ideas propounded was that in dreams, light levels are non-adjustable, and this can be a clue that you are dreaming if you are experiencing a particularly realistic dream (another being unable to tell the time).
So anyway, I was dreaming the other night, and being aware that I was dreaming, decided to try a little experiment (I know this was a dream, I was riding a pushbike to work in my underwear, and the building next to me was on fire).
On the wall there was a light switch. I turned it off.........

And the lights went out. So light levels in dreams are adjustable (at least in that particular reality). Thrilled with my new found powers of dream manipulation, my next experiment was to see if I could influence all the women inhabiting my dream to take off their clothes. While this had promising beginnings, unfortunately the alarm clock intervened before this experiment could run its full course. The next step was to see if I could fly.

So. Was the light/dream theory incorrect? Or was I just able to manipulate my surroundings due to being aware I may not be able to? Was my test self defeating/self proving?

Who knows. I generally enjoy my dreams, and look forward to them. I seldom have bad dreams, and even less true nightmares. I have had one or two recurring dreams since childhood. I usually remember my dreams for a day or two. I love that we dream.

Friday, July 07, 2006

News in brief

Listening to: 'Black Love'-The Afghan Whigs
Drinking: Grolsch

Fan celebrates ten year association with favourite band

Off-black, blogger, of Lower Hutt, recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of discovering one of his favourite bands, The Afghan Whigs. Off-black found the band after repeated airing of the video for single 'Honky's Ladder' on Sky's Juice TV music channel, or 'Orange' as it was known at the time. "It was the winter of 1996", the blogger related, "and I was single, and a student. It was only natural that I would spend a lot of time watching music videos late at night. I noticed this song that had this crazy video with pimps and lawyers and angels, grooving bassline, pounding drums and loud guitars, with a key lyric of "got you where I want you motherf***er". I was taping music videos at the time, and watched this one a lot as the song totally hooked me."
On the basis of the single, Off-black would subsequently purchase the american alternative rockers 1996 release "Black Love". "It was so the right album at the right time for me personally", he said, "I was going through, lets say, a difficult time in my life, and the lyrical content of celebration, love, hope, anger and alienation really spoke to me. The first track, "Crime scene part one", instantly became a favourite. Tracks two and three, "My enemy", and "Doubleday" combine to make one of the best openings of my CD collection. The 8 minute epic "Faded" is one of the best closers". Off-black then went on to recall "I was doing work experience at the Wallaceville Agresearch facility at the time, and I would listen to the album on my walkman while I was on the train."
Purchased initially on cassette tape in 1996, Off-black would later obtain the album on CD, purchasing a promotional copy, clearly marked 'not for sale' at Lower Hutt's Wonderland records. The bands classic 1993 release "Gentlemen" soon followed. Eventually Off-black would acquire most of the bands back catalogue. He would not comment on a rumour that he finds the pre "Gentlemen" material somewhat less developed and accessible, and prefers the bands later offerings. Off-black would also not be drawn on another rumour that he thinks that 1998 release "1965" may in fact be a better album than "Black Love", with such strong material as "66", "Crazy", and "Cite soleil". He did say that "1965" was slightly more suitable for roadtrips than either "Gentlemen" or "Black Love".
The Afghan Whigs broke up some time after "1965", but lead singer Greg Dulli's "Twilight singers" project also appealed to Off-black, leading to his acquisition of their first album "Twilight" after hearing it in a music store in 2001, and the 2003 release "Blackberry belle", continuing a now decade long association with the group.

Sun comes out, Wellingtonians confused

In a magnanimous gesture, the sun came out for the first time in several days, possibly as part of a PR campaign to remind residents of Wellington and surrounding districts that it still, in fact, exists. The sun appeared mid morning, and remained present for most of the subsequent daylight hours on Friday, before disappearing at approximately 5pm.
Residents were confused by this sudden change of heart, given the 3 days of flood and landslide causing rain that preceded it. "The residents were confused", one local was quoted as saying.

Man goes to wrong theatre to see DJ movie

Lower Hutt man Off-black asked for a ticket to DJ mockumentary "It's all gone Pete Tong" at the Rialto cinema complex earlier this evening, before realising the comedy about a deaf DJ was in fact playing at the Paramount. Discussing the incident later he said "the listings were side by side in the paper. I must have got them confused. Maybe there are too many cinemas in Wellington". Arriving at the Paramount, it was confirmed that this was the correct cinema, and Off-black successfully enjoyed the movie, as well as a nice bottle of lager, "It was damn funny" he said. "I thought the 'Cocaine Badger' was classic." When asked about a similar mistaken identity incident at the Realm tavern in Haitatai the previous night, as related by not-kate however, he abruptly ended the interview.

Cause of arm problem assessed

After consulting a physiotherapist, the cause of the arm pain recently experienced by Off-black (see previous post), could not be definitively determined. In the physiothearpists opinion, the pain was most likely caused by a muscle or tendon strain about the right shoulder, causing transmitted pain in the shoulder and upper right arm. This strain likely caused stretching of a nerve in the lower arm, leading to acute pain in the right forearm. The pain disappeared after a day or two.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A dark and stormy night

Listening to: Cinematic-Cinematic
Well it is. It's night, so by definition it is dark, unless you're in a polar region in summer, which I'm not. And it certainly is stormy. The southerly is howling and whining around the house like a sad lonely dog. So I sit beside the heater and blog.

Spoke to Fishy earlier. She left home just in time to develop a nasty cold. She sounds not very well. Missing having her around.

I got validation and affirmation from a totally unexpected source earlier in the evening. Early in what was my last official game for my Tuesday netball team, I was lining up a shot from outside the circle. The D was getting in my face a little so I stepped away (a defender must be three feet away from your first grounded foot, and if you step away onto your other foot, they cannot follow). The D followed (should have instantly been called for obstruction, wasn't), and then fell into me (again should have been penalised, wasn't). As I was taking the shot, the whistle blew, and the umpire called me for 'held ball' (the ball can only be possessed for three seconds, probably a fair enough call by that time). Slightly miffed I cried 'falling in umpire', as the ball disappeared up the court. This getting no response, I muttered 'f***in bullsh*t' in response to my team mates query about how we lost the ball (I often have trouble with the inner monologue thing during competitive sport) . At the quarter break the umpire called me over. I thought I was to be chastised for undermining her authority, but instead she said I was right to query the call in not penalising the D, as in hindsight it was incorrect, and apologised, admitting it probably cost us a couple of points. In all my playing days, this has never happened before. I was so stunned I could only say 'that's alright; thank you' in a sheepish polite voice. I had my superleague shorts on, which the umpire recognised as she had also played superleague, and this may have had something to do with it.
Between quarters we discussed superleague in general, and the game we were playing, which was very clean and polite, in large part due to the umpire being really good. Having mentioned that I played for the lowest superleague team, the umpire then said that everyone starts somewhere, and that I was a good player, with a very clean game. It's very stoking to get validation like that from a source like that. I've played two games this week and feel I played well in both of them. This is important, as I have a very erratic self impression of my sporting ability (which I think stems from not having much at high school, and being hassled for it.I was a late developer in many respects). Sometimes I think I'm quite good at netball in particular, most of the time I don't. Were it not for not-kate, fishy and ms_netball's exhortations I never would have played superleague. Umm thanks guys, er girls.
For the record we came from 7-0 down to win 21-18. Sure they only had five players, but player for player they were way better than us. I shut down their best A when I was on D (after playing 3 C's, and shooting about 60% for maybe 8-12 points) though, which was fun and rewarding. By the way, never believe a team that calls itself 'Rookies'. They almost never are.

I have pulled something in my right shoulder/upper arm, in an 'injury you don't notice at the time, but which manifests later' sort of way. It isn't quite working right. I noticed this at work, when I almost dropped the cue while playing pool due the to weird pain I was experiencing whenever I drew my arm back for a shot. I think it may be a muscular thing.

When it comes to comments, I'm with homeperm right now. I have noticed I don't accrue comments at nearly the rate that my immediate blogosphere whanau do. I have no idea how many people actually read this stuff. It's not really about comments, mind. It's about expression dude...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday night

Listening to: 'Houses of the Holy'-Led Zeppelin
Curious fact. The well known Led Zeppelin song 'Houses of the Holy', is not actually on the album of the same name. At least it isn't on my copy anyway.
It's Monday night. Fishy is at a choirschool in Masterton for the week. Masterton is one of my least favourite towns. I just don't get the place. Still, it has the Old Stick And Rudder Company and the SVAS at Hood Aerodrome on the outskirts of town, who put on a great airshow every couple of years. Other than that, well, it holds few attractions.

I am alone for the week, with only a rat for company. I talk to the rat sometimes, but he isn't very good conversation, e.g:
Me: "Wee-man it's 1am. Will you quit with the scampering and pushing your foodbowl around and generally making too much damn noise! Why are you even awake?"
WM: "I'm nocturnal, dickhead. That means I am a night person. I live for the night dude. Is that food?"
M:"Is what food?"
WM:"I dunno. I expect you to bring me food, so you must be carrying food. See how I'm up on my hind legs trying to sniff my way out of the cage? I'm going for the food man."
M:"I have no food. I just came to pay you some attention so you'd shut up and I can get some sleep."
WM:"That's just a story you made up to trick me into thinking you had no food. Seriously, where is it? Don't make me crawl up inside your sleeve to try and find it."
M: "There is food in your bowl."
WM:"I know. I'm after the treats man, the gourmet stuff. I know you have it somewhere. And don't you dare say how cute I look when I'm begging."
M:"Seriously, you'll have to wait 'til morning."
WM:"Nah, nah, you're still hiding something. Give me a treat now, and I'll put in a good word for you when the revolution comes."
M:"If I pat your head for a bit will you calm down?"
WM:"Maybe. Some food would definitely induce calmness though."

Etc etc.

The not-kate is having flatmate issues. Yerghh. Been there, done that. I can think of better ways to spend an evening. Empathy girl! Be calm and strong. You will prevail.

Had a cool weekend. Nice dinner on Friday with Fishy's workmates. 30th on Saturday, which I snuck away from to watch the fireworks at Petone. I watched from the concrete block things next to the tugboat restaurant. The water lapped quietly on the concrete as I watched the distant pyrotechnics, accompanied by somewhat disconnected cracks and booms due to the distance. The 30th was nice and relaxed, in a nice cosy venue. From there we snuck away to another party, strongerlights. There it was established that while fishy is a queen, Twotreesandahorse is a deity, Anna is an angel, and I am a legend. I met the hottieperm, but I can't remember if she gained a status other than 'Honorary hutt boy', that title being conferred by D3vo. Also Pip is a lovely dog. Fun party. Quote of the night goes to Brad, who opined after the third person in a row walked into strongerlight's room and asked "whose room is this", that "this is getting like a sitcom".
Rewatched 'Waking Life' with the crew last night. Still interesting.

Getting late, the pumpkin awaits, so I shall sign off.

One glove

Last week I lost one of my beloved Kathmandu polypro gloves. I missed it. I had cold fingers on bitter mornings. I searched high and low, but to no avail.
Anyway, today I bought a new pair, just in time for the next southerly.
Which leaves me with just one question.

WaddoIdo with one glove?

Seen here modelled by the lovely Snoopy.

Answers on a postcard please. Or alternatively just use the comments.

5 things I like

listening to the news
5 things that have made me smile lately:

Someone at work telling me that she feels more intelligent when I'm around, as she learns things in my presence.

The resident dog at stronger-lights party.

Friends reminding me why they are my friends.

Paying off my car.

Listening to two DJ's discussing the best way to segue from Concord Dawn into Bic Runga, at 3am on Active, then listening to them try it...