Sunday, August 13, 2006

T-Shirt of the Week

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This weeks T is the legendary Hypercolor. For those who don't know or don't remember, the colour of these T's could change when subjected to heat. This particular one would develop pink patches depending on the heat generated by the wearer, usually across the chest and upper back, and below the arms. There were other colour combinations, like green/yellow, and brown/red I think. These were generally only worn by males, as female wearers could develop prominent, attention drawing, patches in the chest area.
These were popular in the early 1990's. I got mine in early 1992. After being initially disappointed with the colour, as I preferred something darker, I later grew to like it.
As cool as the hypercolor T's were, they suffered from one serious flaw. The colour changing element of the dye was not very robust. Sooner or later, all hypercolor T's stopped changing colour. Maybe you just weren't meant to wash them. Sadly, my T no longer changes colour, and is forever fixed at sky blue. The stains below the collar I think are paint. Or blood. I'm not sure which.
Process explanation here
I'm not sure about the colour combinations listed there. Mine was definitely blue/pink.

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Homeperm said...

believe me. girls had hypercolor tees too. and they shouldn't have. my high school gym was full of girls either in nkotb tees or hypercolor tees doing the beep test. and yes. they probably shouldn't have worn the tee. that applies to the nkotb tees too i guess. although i'd wear either now.