Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy birthday to me

Why is the blogger homepage logo a dog with a party hat on today?

Hmm. Maybe its because today is my birthday.
Today I turn 30. Well technically, according to family legend I don't turn 30 until about 1630 this afternoon, but a date is a date. Also Sean Connery's birthday. But I am cooler and suaver than he.


I was going to bombard you with some interesting statistics from my life in the past three decades, but that will wait for another post, as it is 0247 and too late to think of that kind of stuff. When you do three hours of overtime on an evening shift, this is when you get home.

So instead of the stats (which I know will crush you with disappointment. Later bloglings, later.), here is my plan for the day.

In about four freakin' hours I will get up and drive Fi to work (cue the V). This is a tradition after my week of evenings, it lets us catch up after five days of not really seeing each other.

After that I will head into the city for some breakfast at the small cafe around the corner from Felix, across the road from the Town Hall which I can't remember the name of but does a great mix grill. Anyone who reads this early enough is welcome to join me. I'll try to get a window seat so as to be visible to random wanderers. ETA at the Cafe is 8-830ish.

Once breakfast is done, I will do some shopping. For camera stuff, footwear stuff, magazine stuff, music stuff and model stuff. That should take most of the morning.

At lunchtime I will head back to Upper Hutt for Fi's head shaving. And hopefully get shaved myself. It's a solidarity thing primarily, but also very cathartic on such a momentous day.

After schools out I expect we'll go to the pub with all the other teachers.

After the pub we'll be heading to my folks place for roast dinner with the family, which should be noisy and entertaining with all the niblings in attendance.

After dinner an amble into town is kind of on, a workmate is having a leaving dinner, no doubt followed by drinkies.

By that time I'll probably be drunk or asleep or both, so home will no doubt be beckoning.


Not Kate said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!

Did you get presents?

Sounds like a lovely kinda way to spend a birthday.

How does it feel to be old? Ok? Please say it's ok.... I'm there in a year and a bit....

Can't wait for the birthday party proper.

Off-Black said...

Thank you.
To answer your questions: Yes, respectable and yes.

Homeperm said...

happy birthday for friday! and mixed grill! fabulous.