Monday, June 19, 2006

Crime Fighter

Still listening to H+C
On Friday I gave up my social life to fight crime. I would have rather gone to dinner with the posse though. On Monday I went home early from work because I wasn't fully healthy. Anyway, on the way I saw some potentially dodgy guys doing some potentially dodgy things, so I phoned it in. A few days later I was asked to provide a witness statement. Which I did after work on Friday, and which took way, way longer than I thought it would.
So thats where I was instead of dinner with fun people, which I had been looking forward to all week. Fishy missed out as well, due to my crime fighting ways.

Fridays thunderstorm was fun. I got to add to my collection of "Lightning strikes I have been very very close to", which I define as less than a mile away. The collection numbers half a dozen or so. From that distance thunder is more of a crack/bang than a rumble, which certainly gets your attention.

There is more lightning around tonight, but it is miles and miles away.

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