Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Road trip under construction

I am working on my summation of yesterdays adventure, but I'm too tired to go into it right now.
In the meantime, ponder these thoughts.

If you could see every image of every kind recorded of you ever....what would you see? Would you learn anything?

Whatever happened to New Kids On The Block?

What if ghosts are real, but just look like ordinary folk? How many people do you actually interact with everyday compared to how many you see? They could be everywhere....

When Bryan Adams recorded "Summer of '69" in 1984, 1969 was closer to 1984 than 1984 is 2006. Still a good song.

Does anyone actually watch the talking heads buildup to big sporting events on TV?

Just wondering.

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Not Kate said...

New Kids On the Block (or NKOTB, as I like to call them) went their own ways.

Jordan and Joey still have a following and produce the odd album. Donnie is acting (he's in Saw2, as I spotted correctly). Danny.... who knows? He was always the unfortunate one. I think Jon just settled down somewhere in a big house.

Jordan was hot. He was my favourite. I had NKOTB books and posters....