Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through

Listening to: Kitsch-The Burning Ground, oh and Slim-Drive Thru

It's my birthday on Saturday the 25th. Since we haven't had an official "Welcome Lauren to the Southern hemisphere" function yet and she has been here for a month, we thought some sort of combined event would be appropriate. Maybe even a barbecue.

This year I am shamelessly going to ape Fishie's idea and declare an open house at my place on the day and night. From about 3 or 4pm ish, feel free to drop by for a no pressure visit and mooch. you heard it here first, emails will be sent at some point. If you don't know my address and would like to attend, find someone who does, although anyone I don't recognise personally, or be vouched for by someone I do, will assuredly be denied entry.

I feel the need to state publicly that Jim Steinman's 1981 release of "Rock and Roll dreams come through" totally knackers MeatLoaf's early 90's remake. I was somewhat dismayed when Meatloaf felt he had to cover it, as it would inevitably cause the original to fade into the shadows. It is more restrained and expressive, while still epic and overblown (the guy writes songs for Meatloaf after all). I mean hell, look at the album cover:

It has one of my favourite lyrics ever:

"You can't run away forever, but there's nothing wrong with getting a good head start".

And the false ending with the returning string section and wailing chorus, while unnecessary and silly, only adds to the aural glory.

So there.

I was going to bring you a picture of Womby the flying wombat (Vombatus ursinus volaticus), proving that he is in fact capable of aviation, but sadly the picture I was thinking of I don't appear to have in digital form. So instead you will have to settle for this shot of Womby in his current nesting place:

Both of the women in this picture are asleep. Aren't they cute?

That is all.


kiwilauren said...

Haha, I look ridiculous sleeping with my legs up. And I'm so glad that Womby is getting the fame that he deserves on your blog... and I have to admit that I'm feeling rather pleased with myself for coming up with such an ingenious name. How the hell do you spell ingenious? I think that's wrong. Anyway, right. Yay, Womby! And yay, party!

Not Kate said...

On what date will this likely be?