Saturday, August 04, 2007

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In one of our more epic quiz victories, last night we took out the UHC Dragon boating fundraiser. Not bad for a team of only four, that was a team of only two (Fi and me) for the first few rounds, facing several dozen other competitors. Sometime we are going to get our arses handed to us at one of these things, but not this time.


One of the things I will miss about not driving to Upper Hutt every morning is the river in winter. Often on cold mornings there is a mist over the river basin, and sometimes the sun catches it just so:

Frost and ice on the bank behind our house.


Some shots from last weekend. It was FUN! I have never been there before, so everything was new and interesting. And the sliding down the slopes on a giant plastic sheet was primo. Apart from the rock I hit. The rock was not primo.

On the chairlift. This guy carved "Marry me Beck!" in the snow beside the chairlift, then highlighted it with gold glitter. Legend. Also apparently successful. Well done that man!
Tahurangi from Turoa
The stream below Waitonga falls
Beech forest, Waitonga falls

Sunset at Ohakune, heralding the rain the next day. The grey sky and bare trees evoke winter to me.
Mount Ruapehu at dusk from Ohakune
Halo around the full moon caused by ice crystals suspended high in the sky.
Sunrise at Ohakune

More pics for the interested here and here

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