Monday, February 14, 2011

Weather fun

From the site last week, someone who gets more excited about bad weather than I do (only slightly to be fair, but this is evidence that such people do exist) in Chicago last week:

I hadn't realised how rare the thunder/snow combo is, which explains why it has been getting so much attention during the recent snowpocalypse/snowmageddon in the States.

Also linked by weatherwatch, but not as smart is a couple of storm chasers getting intimate with a hurricane storm surge:

I can't see any more context than what is on screen, but on the face of it this is pretty dumb for the sake of some footage. Getting knocked down like that can get you in trouble real fast.

On a brighter note, right now on the Weatherwatch front page, you can see a picture I took being used to illustrate an article about Cook Strait research, which is kinda cool. They change their front page article avery few hours or so, so here is a more permanent link. I originally posted it here back in May 2009, and I put it in their gallery around the same time. It is probably just their editor randomly scanning for something to put in the box, but buzz nonetheless :).

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kiwilauren said...

That actually is pretty cool. As someone who's lived through 26 long, snowy winters in the Canadian prairies, I have never ever witnessed thunder and lightning in the winter before. That's pretty much reserved for summer rain storms.