Sunday, February 27, 2011

In other news

Noted the other week the guy behind Bad Astronomy reflecting on the tenth anniversary of a certain notorious, biased, misleading piece of tabloid trash posing as a documentary being broadcast on Fox...

Moon Hoax +10

The resulting rebuttal he wrote is still on line here and looking every one of it's ten years old, but is still a good jumping off point for anyone who has questions about the hoax theory.

Nearly 36 years after the end of the Apollo programme, it's successor the Space Shuttle is also winding down. Discovery was the third shuttle to fly, and first went into space in 1984. Since then it has completed 38 space flights, and was launched for the last time last Thursday. By the time it comes back to Earth for the last time next week it will have clocked up nearly a year in space.

That's all cool, but really just an excuse to show this cool video of Discovery's final launch as seen from a passing airliner:

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