Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun with Science

Fun science 1:

After centuries of knowing, or thinking we knew exactly how many planets there were, we are now discovering new ones by the hundreds.

This was covered hither, tither and yon by various sources last week, but Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog sums it up pretty well here.

Fun science 2:

Also neatly summarised at Bad Astronomy, we can now look at the whole sun at once via the STEREO mission (link).

Fun science 3:
Invisibility cloak. 'Nuff said.

Fun anti science:
Fox's Bill O'Reilly displays a level of scientific reasoning my two year old could better.

Just for fun, here is O'Reilly encountering the impenetrable wall of logic that is Richard Dawkins, who barely gets out of first gear in owning his host.


Wildology said...

This stuff is great!!! ...especially the invisibility cloak!! Harry Potter here I come:)

Off-Black said...

I know. I'd be thinking of the possibilities if several million others weren't doing the same thing.