Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Just not Cricket

Thirty years ago today since the most notorious incident in the history of trans-tasman sport (and the one we have most consistently refused to get over).

The whole over is on youtube:

Once thing I hadn't noticed until today is Bruce Edgar at the non-strikers end giving Trevor Chappell the fingers right after the delivery. Also interesting seeing a very young Ian Smith, players and keepers happily not wearing the extra pads and helmets they do today, and being reminded that while legendary as a bowler, Sir Richard Hadlee could be a useful batsman as well.

I probably watched at least some of the game live, but I don't really remember this as it happened, although it became an inescapable staple reference in almost every backyard cricket game I have ever played (including lunch break cricket at work as an adult). Being four and given the local time it would have screened I was probably already in bed. Apparently though our house got an almost immediate phonecall from a family friend in Australia to apologise.

Edit: I found an interesting Australian piece on it here, with interviews of key participants. It is interesting that it was reviled as much in Australia as here. Someone should point out though that 'piggy' wasn't a term of endearment for Robert Muldoon ("Rob Muldoon before he robs you!").

I do remember Lance Cairns' six sixes a couple of years later:

Legendary moment, so legendary it almost completely overshadows the fact that we got smashed in that game.

Even so, it was probably the greatest era in NZ cricket. It is no wonder the Beige Brigade chose that strip to resurrect. A quick glance at the news tonight reinforces that the current generation = not quite so legendary.


missrabbitty said...

ah the beige, excalibur, stockly not being a florid heart attack on legs...love the 80s cricket times. i spent many a happy day at the basin...one summer in the scoreboard working no less...and the day hogan smashed up the picket fence and the coke machine is legendary...poor old andrew jones on 185 at the other end. met the keg on legs and bowled to steve waugh before he was steve waugh...ah the memories.

Off-Black said...

I remember that too. I'd be pretty pissed off if I got out on 299.