Thursday, February 10, 2011

Note to media

Emergency landing at Blenheim

1. A DHC-8/Q300 has nose wheels (2) rather than a nose wheel.
2. If said nose wheels fail to lower properly they are not 'missing'; just not where they should be.
3. What happened to a Beech 1900 a few years ago has nothing to do with this.
4. This isn't a 'crash landing' as TV3 news apparently put it, there being no crash.

In other vaguely related interest generating yesterday:
Air New Zealand shoehorns its new toy into Wellington.

Quite liking the comments thread on that one. The report doesn't mention that being empty, the aircraft actually used less runway than some of the regular users. Fully laden it would be a different story (hence why this is something of a one-off), but the take-off was quite spritely as the pics here demonstrate.

It reminds me of the once upon a time (early 80's to be exact) when Boeing 747's used to regularly fly in to Wellington (pic). I was about the age of the kid in the middle at the time (pic is from 1984), and remember them quite well.

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