Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not quite catching the moon

So after the nearly full moon in the last post, it then clouded over for the better part of a week, denying the oppourtunity to photograph the full and waning moon. I'll just have to try again next month.

It has been a busy week, mostly aviation related due to an airshow over the weekend (photos to come in the next few posts). Still moon related though, A link to this was passed on to me today, and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it. It is pretty much self explanatory, and it works beautifully (even if the moon at 0:39 is upside down to my southern hemisphere eyes):

Also moon related is this little thing I found. You know how all the moon landing-hoax theorists go on about the whole thing being filmed in a soundstage? Well Michael Bay has done pretty much just that for the new Transformers movie:

Aside from the obvious (to me anyway) accuracy fails with the Apollo spacecraft, and the clever (if misleading) use of real footage, it is remarkable how Bay's depiction of the astronauts looks almost nothing like the real footage, in more ways than are obvious. Not that I would expect accuracy or realism from a Bay movie, but it is an interesting theory tester, and hopefully might convince a few hoax proponents of the lunacy (pun intended) that the hoax theory is. On the other hand, it might inspire a whole new wave of people who don't know any better to fall for the poorly researched, utterly discredited non-science woo that sadly still undermines one of our greatest acheivements.

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