Saturday, January 15, 2011

Somebody think of the children!

Dire Straits now officially offensive after decades of being one of the safest rock bands ever.

I get that a throwaway lyric that is actually a quote, in a song that is a parody of both the quoted and the thing he was referring to, could be considered to be offensive language.

But I don't why has it taken twenty five years of virtually continual airplay of a song that was the biggest hit off a monster album (including a radio edit produced at the time of the original release that doesn't feature said lyrics, after they caused controversy then) before anyone got riled up enough about it to officially complain. Again. Especially when there are far more and worse examples of homophobic or otherwise derogarotory or potentially offensive lyrics and themes in other innocuous sounding hit songs.

For example there is one very popular mainstream radio song from the late 90's, with a bouncy catchy riff, and very inoffensive sound, widely played by radio and featured in a few hit movies and TV series even, that is actually about crystal meth addiction, and features lyrics that explicitly reference sex and drug taking. I love the irony of it getting almost daily airplay on my local family friendly mainstream radio station among others. No-one listens to the lyrics apparently :)

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