Sunday, January 02, 2011


After getting clipless pedals fitted to my bike a couple of months ago, I now have clipless shoes to go with them after dropping the right suggestions in the right directions before Christmas. Oxymoronically, this combination now results in my feet being firmly clipped to the pedals for better pedalling (the 'clipless' refers to an earlier attachment method before these things were invented). For now my cycling accessory world is complete. After a couple of rides the noob look is already worn off:
I find the action of clipping in oddly reassuring. After a couple of rides with them I am not quite used to the sensation, but have yet to fall over due to forgetting to unclip before coming to a halt. (This is a rite of passage for clipless initiates apparently).


Wildology said...

Oh, you will dear friend....and boy is it funny:) They make riding so much more energy are going green!

Off-Black said...

I know, probably in slow motion with an audience. I have had one near-miss already, but managed to grab a pedestrian safety fence. Like having a big crash since resuming cycling, I feel this is probably a when rather than if :)