Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday:almost Friday

Listening to: Glee - Bran Van 3000. Continuing a theme of listening to albums I haven't listened to for a while while blogging. This one totally reminds me of the summer of 1999-2000, and helping house sit with F+K. This and 'Dig your own hole' by the Chemical Brothers were on high rotate that summer, since I got them both for Christmas that year. Glee is an odd album, with lots of ideas (not all of them good) competing for space and your attention. 'Drinking in L.A. and 'Rainshine' are the standout songs (with 'L.A' being the most well known), but I had forgotten about the acoustic female vocal version of 'Cum on feel the noize' which works better than you might think.
Since this has taken a while to put together, also listening to Roofers - Breaks co-op from 1997 or so. A bit trip hoppy and break beaty, and utterly different from more recent and well known album 'The sound inside'.

Dark and Stormy day

Good weather is fine, but bad weather is much more interesting. We ventured out into the storm on Saturday to have a look around and hopefully get some good storm pics. You can be the judge of the latter. Safety was definitely first and caution was exercised. We missed the portion of high tide where waves were breaking on to the road, but there was still plenty of kelp to drive around.

Island Bay. There were some biiiig waves out there, big enough to stop the ferries sailing. Peak swell height recorded out in Cook Strait was somewhere around 14m / 45ft apparently.

South end of the runway at Wellington Airport. Click to enlarge and spot the two crazy people on the breakwater by the windsock.
People still there, now a bit wetter. I know the area where they are standing pretty well and they aren't in any particular danger, but not fancying a salt water bath I was quite happy to stay in the car.
I eat therefore I am
Charlotte has had her first attempt at self feeding. She knows what she wants to do, and has an idea of how, but the co-ordination isn't quite up to snuff yet......
it turned out to be easier to just smear the food onto the platter than rely on the bowl
...with perhaps inevtiable results (note abundance and surrounding-ness of towels)

Webcomic linky

Since I have been promising at least one of you readers for some time, here is the five part Firefly race from XKCD:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

If you haven't been exposed to this before, I thoroughly recommend exploring via the 'Prev' and 'Next' links. Hovering over the images will produce a caption of sorts.

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