Thursday, May 21, 2009

not quite friday

Listening to: Songs 1993-1998 - Moby. Another CD I haven't listened to in a while. 'God moving over the face of the water's is in my top five favourite instrumental tracks, and has been ever since it was used in the final scene and credits of 'Heat'

This post was intended to be a bit longer (and ironically about injuries), but typing with a couple of fingers taped together after spraining a finger last night (not actually realised at the time, although admittedly it was a little sore) is just too damned annoying.

I took a day off today to rest and immobilise it, since while 'QA Officer' is a grand title, it is essentially a secretarial position, with lots of writing and typing, which is a bit tricky with two fingers taped together, not to mention painful when you forget you have a finger you are not supposed to be using.

So I hung out with Charlotte all day, which was much more fun. I met her Linmark contact, went to Chirping Cherubs with her, and took her to school to watch mum run the school cross country, which is all weekday stuff I don't normally get to do.

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2treesandahorse said...

yeah for sprained fingers and getting to see he real world.