Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rescue service

Listening to: 40 Licks Disc 2 - The Rolling Stones. Drinking some kind of white wine.

Been playing with cropping and colour. Compressing for the blog trashes the resolution on these images; the originals are much finer:

Angle is nice and dramatic, but not exactly filling the frame (anyone got a spare $2500 I can drop on a decent longer lens?), and a little dark due to me not quite having got the hang of exposure settings yet.
Cropped to emphasise the angle, kept a bit of ground for an attitude reference and lightened a little
Not a terrible original, little dark again, and shutter slightly too fast meaning prop blur is minimal, although the airframe is nice and sharp.
Cropped and lightened, moves the cockpit right into the frame centre and pops out the markings a bit.
Plain off centre, although I was performing a nice pirouette as I panned the camera. This is almost looking over my left shoulder.

Aside from not needing to buy, cart around, look after, and develop film, being able to edit and manipulate on your own is the most useful aspect of the digital SLR. Haven't got it fully sussed yet. This is the second airshow season I have shot with the digital camera, but it was only in the latter part of this season I started to figure out how to use the thing really effectively. There are noticeable improvements in this years shots compared to last years, and I cringe a little when I look at some of my older stuff. No doubt I will look at these sometime later in the same light.

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