Tuesday, June 08, 2010

500th post

The previous post was number 499, which makes this 500 since I started this a little over four years ago (prompt slow hand clap for the awesum maths skillz there). I was trying to engineer the 500th post to coincide with the fourth blogiversary that occurred on May 21st, but discovered a bunch of unpublished drafts (that were all eventually published in some form) lurking in the edit folder and bumping the post numbers up artificially. Once they were excised (or exorcised) the 500 marker got put back a bit.

Since a few of the '100 posts resemble this one, I thought it would be better to sample link the vanilla '99 posts from the last four years, starting at the the very beginning for context.

Post 1

Post 2

Post 99

Post 199

Post 299

Post 399

If you have been reading from the beginning, cheers for being patient and loyal. If you're newish, cheers for taking a look and coming back.

Normal service resumes tomorrow.

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