Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creating a monster?

Charlotte has recently developed a tendency to get crazy excited about aircraft (she tried to follow one the other day). Here she is getting enthusiastic about something her father was watching on youtube*, shouting "PLAAAYYNNN!" and clapping her hands. This pleases me :)

* Today she had a stomach bug and wasn't quite so enthusiastic. Much more cuddly than usual though. She stayed still for a whole hour or so watching music television with me this afternoon.

Here is the video we were watching. German Phantom in one of Valetta's (Malta) harbours, doing things that are illegal in some countries (like the high speed low-level pass straight at the crowd at 00:20). Classic jet with some pretty cool blurry scenery zooming by in the background, low, fast and loud, using afterburner at every opportunity, at sunset. I like it.

And while we're embedding, one of the linked videos from the above was this one, which is another German Phantom. While parts of the above would be frowned upon in some locales, parts of this one are just freaking batshit insane. This is proper no margin for safety or error stuff. I linked to it a few years ago but here it is again just because:

One of my favourite youtube vids, because it is awesome, funny, and terrifying all at the same time (and a great soundtrack :p). It's not often you see people decide they need to get out of the way of an oncoming jet that is still airborne...

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