Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Disappointment and Springy Triumph

Since the last time I posted about the Ian Curtis mural here (link), this has happened:
The fuller story is here (link), but this is kinda disappointing, and smacks of someone in the council trying to make their mark. Can anyone else say 'over zealous'?


In the meanwhile, here is a picture of a truck on my parents street covered in Kowhai flowers, demonstrating that spring is indeed springing. That and I thought a truck covered in flowers looked pretty cool.

And finally, Charlotte has now acquired a free standing capablility, here demonstrated at the first birthday party of one of our antenatal group babies.
Coming soon: Walking........

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Morgan said...

ooh, jinx! I blogged about this today as well. Walked past it on way to work and admired the big chalk replacement; a painted-on version will arrive before too long I'm sure.