Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Miscellany

Got a long planned reorganisation of my long term model storage done today. Bascially compressed the contents of all these boxes:
Into these boxes.
This frees up a lot of space in our workshop, and protects the models even more from the ravages of time and humidity, something cardboard boxes are not very good at.
Fishy helped with the reduction of boxes into smaller boxes:
And Charlotte lent moral support
Along the way I rediscovered my Matchbox car collection from (dating from 1980 or so to 1993 or so), also in deep and ineffectual storage. I didn't quite realise how many I had until I saw them like this. I moved from play to avid collection as an early teenager. The 80's and 90's were a great time for Matchbox car models and paint schemes. The cars were mostly realistic and the schemes as well. They are a bit more fantastic now, kind of like they were in the 70's with lots of fictional and wierd and strange vehicles in the range. Mine are almost all mint or nearly so, and the collection as a whole could conservatively be valued at several hundred dollars (at least) based on some of the prices I have seen.
Very nostalgic and fun to sit and sort through. Charlotte will almost certainly not get to play with them though. I kinda want to, but the conservator in me says no, their playing days are over (and most of them were well played with). They have made it this far, they deserve an honourable retirement. Plus it will be more fun for her to have her own contemporary collection rather than her dads old school hand me downs. Besides I have seen what kids do to cars (me included). One of the cars in the box was buried in a school sandpit for a few weeks, its lucky to even be here......;)
Back in March or so I posted about the Ian Curtis graffiti / public artwork in Mount Cook (linky).
It has since been updated:
This is good, since the dates are now both correct and much more prominent. Unfortunately now I have to ponder what 'Revamp' is referring to, along with the continuing conundrum of who Budgie is and why he rulz...

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