Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heh heh heh heh sweeeeet

Listening to: A Shaggy / Rage against the machine mash up on Active (Mr Boombastic vs Killing in the name. Sounds better than it , er, sounds).

Got my hands on this via the couriers yesterday.......


Also acquired in todays shopping:

-New and more practical camera bag (birthday present)
-New indoor netball shoes (been needed since last summer or so, need lately expressed through shin splints and sore feet, and the od fall through the soles being worn down to slicks).
-The new Incubus best of compilation, Tigerlily by Natalie Merchant, a Pitch Black (NZ Elctronica, not the Vin Diesel movie) compilation I know nothing about, but liked the look of the tracklist and contributors, American Idiot by Greenday, all for ridiculously cheap prices.


Not Kate said...

Lovely. I should print off your plane ticket too.

I think we have to pick up our PJ tickets on the day.

Maureen said...

What do you think of the new Pearl Jam stuff? It's definitely... different. Have fun at the concert!

Off-Black said...

I like the new stuff, but then I always do. I have been a Pearl Jam fan since the days when there was only one album, and I like that over the years each release has been an evolution from the one before it. I first heard the new single a couple of weeks ago, and decided I liked it as a song before I even knew it was Pearl Jam. Looking forward to the gig, it has been 11 years since I last saw them live.