Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I noticed this a couple of weeks ago:
Someone (not me, although I threatened to do it many times) has corrected the Ian Curtis mural on Wallace Street in the central Wellington suburb of Mount Cook. If it had been me I suspect I would have done a better job and not used pale pink to cover white.
This went up about three years ago around the time of the 25th anniversary of Curtis' death.

And has bugged me ever since, especially since I drive past it every time I go to netball or Frisbee. Over three years thats a lot of vision.

I mean if you care enough about the man, and are motivated to risk a wilful damage charge to express that feeling, surely you would get the dates right? Curtis' lifespan as painted was 1960-1981. Which isn't right. He was alive from 1956-1980, as our intrepid editors have rightly corrected. Well, attempted to correct at least.

Maybe Budgie knows more about all this. After all, Budgie RULZ:
PS, if you are wondering who Ian Curtis is, google "Love Will Tear Us Apart", and follow the links around for a while.


Not Kate said...

There is some pretty cool graffiti around Mt Cook. I like the 'Fat Bob' one on the other side of the road.

gabrielle said...

the ian curtis graffiti has put new zealand on the map. or at least on wikipedia (under ian curtis).

for most of my life the definitive ian curtis graffiti was "ian curtis lives" a bit further up the same road. ian curtis (g)rips replaced it a few years later (it has been there at least five years i'd say). i am very fond of both.

and if you want to know more about ian curtis you should watch the movie CONTROL. 10/10.