Friday, March 27, 2009

Challenge redux results 1 : Lauren's List

Right, the results are in from the photo challenge. I'm going to post each list separately, otherwise it just gets crazy.

To be eligible, a target had to be visible from a moving car on State Highway One. Several submissions failed to adhere to this dictum and were ignored.

1. "Kiwi Bird Highway sign"

There aren't any on SH1 between Wellington and Auckland

2. "A Sign with a cheesy Bull related pun in Bulls"

Try the Rat Hole pub in Bulls. Its remark-a-bull.

3. "The Giant Carrot at Ohakune"

Not on SH1

4. "The monument for the 1953 Tangiwai Rail disaster"

Not on SH1

5. "A Fish and Chips Shop, possibly in Paraparaumu"

"Snappers" Fish and Chip shop in Paraparumu. Used to be a hot bread shop a loooooong time ago.

6. "A wild horse sign on the highway"

Near Turangi. Note how much nicer the weather is than the last time we went looking for these Lauren!

7. "A Beautiful Sunset"
Missed the first two out of the three sunsets on offer, but I caught this at Paekakariki on the way home
8. "A winding road sign for a distance of over 2okm"
There aren't any on the stretch of SH1 I travelled. There might be some north of Auckland though
9. "Mt Ruapehu"
Was closed in by cloud when I passed by, so here is a shot I took when passing by in February this year. Looks different with no snow on it eh?
10. "Somebody wearing a beret or fedora or some other equally entertaining piece of headware.
I'm not sure how I was supposed to get that from a passing car, but in the event I didn't see any anyway. However at the airshow I did see this interesting man with ribbons in his hair, so made an exception to the competition rules. You had to see this.

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kiwilauren said...

BAHAHAHA. RIDICULOUS. Thanks for the photos Sam! I was sure some of those wouldn't be on SH1 but I didn't know which. In any case, I love the pics. Also loved seeing the Peach Teats cow sign - I have mine scrapbooked so I shall never forget it. Hehe.