Friday, March 27, 2009

Challenge Redux results 4: El Leonski's list

1. "The corrugated iron dog thing"

In Tirau, it was photgraphed for the last challenge in 2007, and hence ineligible

2. "A healthy sheep, free range and all"

3. "2 trees and a horse"

Near Cambridge. If it was going to be anywhere, Cambridge was the place
4. "Lake Taupo red with the setting sun"
Since I wasn't anywhere near Lake Taupo at sunset, I couldn't get this. So here is one I prepared earlier, from September 2006. Its a very red shade of gold.

5. "A hole in one on the lake Taupo golf challenge"
Also covered on the 2007 challenge.

6. "The tank outside the Waiouru military museum"
There being three tanks to choose from outside the museum, I chose the Scorpion since it was the youngest and prettiest (and also capable of 120+kph on the open road)
7. "3 good looking Kiwi birds"
Despite being open to interpretation, in the event I wasn't able to photograph anything that fitted this description.

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2treesandahorse said...

should have checked that list of other year stuff first. But the two trees and a horse....rocking. Makes just a little home sick.