Friday, March 27, 2009

Challenge Redux results 2: Janet's List

1. "The Waikato River Control gates in Taupo"

Note mascot Chinook proving I was actually there
2. "A sign protesting against the Transpower pylon upgrade in the Waikato"

I was expecting heaps of these, but this was the only one I saw, just north of Tirau
3. "The Huntaway dog in Hunterville"
Its amazing the quality of photograph you can maintain while boresighting the camera from a moving car at 50kph.
4. "A Lost Hubcap"
These were all presuambly lost at some point. Ohingaiti

5. "A combine harvester or other farm machinery being driven really slowly on the highway"
Tractor near Cambridge. Note the vintage car also being driven really slowly on the left
6. "A rest area with a pretty view"
Mission bay, lake Taupo
7. "The Mangakino Viaduct"
Against an ominous sky
8. "A stock crossing sign"
By the time I started looking for these on the way home, they had all disappeared. There aren't any in the lower North Island bit of SH1. There are heaps north of Taupo though.
9. "An empty riverbed"
Plenty of these on the Desert Road, but since they tended to coincide with gullies and windy bits there was nowhere handy safe to pull over and photograph them. Elsewhere they tend to be invisible.
10. "An interesting letterbox"
I know they are out there, but even when I was looking I just didn't see any.
Still no banks converted to antique or second hand shops. There must be one somewhere.

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Janet said...

Cool photos - I particularly like the hub caps. You outdid yourself on that one, by photographing 8 more hubcaps than I expected .

Shame about the lack of a bank converted to an antique/second hand shop - where are they all? Maybe the heart got put back into rural NZ at some point?