Friday, March 27, 2009

Challenge Redux results 3: Richs list

1. "The Peach Teats Cow - extra points for a shot with a real cow in view"

Near Mangaweka, sadly sans famuex vache
2. "At least 5 Subways, all on the SH1 route taken (no detours) - the old one in Bulls (now opposite the new one on Bulls) could count if necessary."

I managed without the evil Bulls Subway

I. Orewa
II. Cambridge
III. Tirau
IV. Waiouru
V. Levin

3. "A laden Hithchhiker"
Too difficult to photograph, besides I hardly saw any (3 to be precise, and two of them were together)
4. "A truck stopped at the side of the road or in a rest area in the middle of nowehere"
Only saw one, was unable to stop and record it.
5. "The David Lange Memorial in Mangere"
Not on SH1, although I intended to go and have look on my way home but forgot.

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