Saturday, March 14, 2009

Too much choice Bro!

Heading off to Homegrown in a couple of hours, and some difficult decisions about which stage and set to catch. The classic festival dilemma. I understand that scheduling is a fine art, but sometimes it feels like you are only allowed to be into one genre at these things.

The first decision is where to park the car. Fortunately there isn't anyone on stage I want to see until 4 or so, so I have plenty if time to resolve that issue.

First on my list according to the published schedule is Fur Patrol at 1625. All good, no clashes yet, at least until Tiki starts at 1640. I figure I will half and half on those sets.

Nothing much happening between then and 6 or 7. I might use the time to explore, or see The Black Seeds at 6, but I am not that into them at all, so might try and find some food, or check out the merch.

At 7 I have a choice of Dimmer or OpShop. Hmmmm, Dimmer methinks.

Then the real hard choices start to come thick and fast. I've been hanging out to see State of Mind perform for a while, and the start of their set at 8 is free, but then both Weta and Blindspott get started on different stages at 2025. Do I abandon two, or try and see bits of all three?

It only gets worse from here on in. Concord Dawn take over from State of Mind at 2130, another act I have wanted to see for a while, but also at the same time as Shapeshifter who I also want to see. To make things even more complicated, Supergroove and Head Like A Hole start at 2145.

At a Big Day Out once I blew off The Red Hot Cilli Peppers to go see HLAH, and never regretted it. That said, at another BDO I dropped Joe Strummer for Scribe, which I rue very much.

Wish me luck.....

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R said...

For the photo challenge:

1. The Peach Teats cow - extra points for a shot with a real cow in view

2. At least 5 Subways, all on the SH1 route taken (no detours) - the old one in Bulls (now opposite the new one in Bulls) could count if necessary

3. A laden hitchhiker

4. A truck stopped at the side of the road or in a rest area in the middle of nowhere

5. The David Lange memorial in Mangere (always wanted to see that one!)