Friday, September 04, 2009

Power Building madness

Since last time, Skyhawk number three now has a first and final coat of noxious green (although Federal Standard colour FS34079 is technically listed as 'Foliage Green'. Meh it was my least favourite RNZAF Skyhawk colour scheme anyway, it will be a pleasure to cocoon it.
Skyhawks one and two in the meantime have since been decaled and dirtied, in a process we modellers call weathering. Its a realism thing. Operational aircraft don't stay clean for very long.
One day left of the power build, then its showtime. Will they be ready? They should be, but we just don't know.......:)


Not Kate said...

How do you 'dirty' them?

Off-Black said...

Will explain all in a future post. Watch this space...