Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three figures

This is the 100th and last post for this year. That translates to one post every 3.65 days, or about every 87 hours. I have been less prolific this year, but somewhat busier, so have less time to blog.

Thanks everyone for reading and making this thing worthwhile.

The year has gone quickly, with highlights and lowlights, but I am ending it in a better place than I started.

So, see you next year then!


Janet said...

Happy New Year to you and Fi and Charlotte! May you keep blogging for a long time yet, because your blog is definitely worthwhile. I enjoy reading it.

Hope to catch up soon - we seem to keep missing your many barbecues, this time we were in Nelson till the evening on the 31st, so wouldn't have arrived until mega-late.

kiwilauren said...

Happy 2009! Only one more "Happy New Year" until I get to see you guys again!