Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Right then, back into it

Ah summer. A healthy 29 degrees on the porch thermometer last Thursday and all is well. It was actually showing 31 when we got home fifteen minutes before I took the photo. Mind you the thing has probably never been calibrated so who knows.

I am pretty sure I will look at this again in winter and sigh.

First post for the New Year, and in the best traditions of blogging, I have had squillions of ideas for posts, none of which I can remember when it comes to sitting down and writing the things.

Actually, thats not true, I have a few things in mind (like how far into the year can you get before 2008 wrap up posts are inappropriate?), but they will take a while and its already getting late tonight.

Also I found myself more or less taking a break from the whole active internaut thing over the last couple of weeks, choosing the consume rather than contribute angle. It was nice to have a break but I think I am ready to start posting again about the usual collection of miscellany that is this blog.

And on that less than certain note, Happy New Year everybody! (best said a la Dr Nick of the Simpsons I reckon).


2treesandahorse said...

it has been less than 0 on our thermometer for about 2 weeks now. sigh oh how i long for a good summer. the last one i had was in 2005.

d3vo said...

That sounds rough 2trees! If we get a great depression I can fly you guys to NZ, you can live in my spare room and farm in my back yard :-)