Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mini Rant

More of an addendum to my rant post

Like all newish parents, we have a brag book for those who are interested, including the above pic of my girl at about half a day old, wearing a t-shirt procured for her by her auntie (who is excellent at gift matching like this by the way).

So far two people have responded to this pic with utterances of "Oh that's terrible!" or "How could you do that?" in a "I sound like I'm joking but I'm really not" sort of way, like we should be embarrassed or just joking ourselves by stating so boldly we we are from.

Two is a small number, but it is enough for me to ask,

What the fcuk is up with that?

I've touched on this issue before, but now I have wider interests at stake I find this response a bit miffing. I'll be very nicely asking the next person to respond in this way to explain themselves.

Or am I just over-reacting?

Answers on a postcard please


2treesandahorse said...

Dude the hutt rocks. Whats the peeps problem.It's noy like she's from the bronx.

Not Kate said...

I have two Levin t-shirts that I wear proudly. I think in part they're self-mockery, so you have to be ready for people to laugh at you.... but it's also owning it. It's the process of taking something that you could be teased for, and laughing about it yourself first, but in a way that you're also being proud about it.

It's a NZ thing. We all like to laugh at where other people are from to make us feel better about ourselves.

Where were the people being disapproving of your 'Made in the Hutt' tshirt from??? If they were Huttians themselves, maybe they have self-loathing issues they are projecting.

kiwilauren said...

I like it, Sam! I also particularly like the shirt that had the Pizza Hut logo on it but "Pizza Hut" was replaced by "The Hutt." And I don't understand the negative comments... let me know if you figure that one out.

Charlotte = <3

billy the dancing moose said...

Thing is, while there definitely seems a difference between Upper and Lower Hutt, "The Hutt" as a term also includes Upper Hutt...

The Hutt seems to have a reputation among people who never go there as, among other things, a cultural void full of vaguely disturbing munters.

Reputations, like rumours, don't need anything to do with reality, and take time to shift.