Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's your daddy?

Listening to: The Real Thing-Midnight Oil. In an Oils phase at the moment.

Here is the aforementioned cutest/smartest/funniest baby in my world.

And I said I wouldn't post about her. I should have added 'much' to that sentence.

I think this is my favourite photo of her so far. This was Fi's idea a couple of weeks ago, trying to get some slightly more formal portrait shots. The black and white suggestion was Fi's, and she also took this photo.

I love it because it really captures her emerging personality. I wish I could see what her eyes do. She started smiling about three weeks ago, and now does it spontaneously without mimicing others, which is really nice because I get a smile first thing in the morning, and when I come home from work.

Tonight we went back to the ante-natal group and told our story to a bunch of new parents to be, with Charlotte chipping in at times. Fi told her part, and then I spoke to all the Dads about what they can do. It was interesting seeing a group in a phase I was recently in, but feeling a vast gap between us and them all the same.

I think we were reassuring.

We got invited back anyhow, maybe as an example of how things can not go quite right, but still turn out right in the end.


R said...



Morgan said...

seriously, dude, charlotte is *adorable*.

(I still get freaked out by the metaphor used by girls when they express the same sentiment: "I could just eat her up nom nom nom!" NOES DO NOT EATS THE BABBY)

Off-Black said...

I know, I have never gotten that metaphor either....

She gets cuter every day

d3vo said...

Reciprical eating perhaps? The mother (breast) feeds the baby and then the mother wants to eat the baby in return??

I am left wondering if nom nom nom crosses languages and cultures?

Not Kate said...

Women like chocolate and babies. We eat chocolate..... we get the same reaction from looking at a baby (pupils dilated etc).....

Maybe :)

fish said...

I know a really dumb joke with "num num num" as the punchline... anyone who remembers Nicolette has probably heard it.