Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rolling Christmas

Heres how we roll on Christmas Eve:
Heavy rain and traffic making a less than two hour drive stretch into more than three
The reason for the drive being to visit Fi's sister and family in Balmy Palmy:
And a wet dog
And to assemble a trampoline at night in pouring rain:
And this is how we roll on Christmas Day:
Unwrapping with the whanau at the family home;

Before proceeding to the ancestral manse for lunch and shenanigans,

which was excellent
and included Charlotte's first swim.
I got in too, but there are no photos.
And thats how we roll at Christmas around here.
PS: While Christmas in NZ tends to be weather variable, cheer up. At least its warmer than here

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kiwilauren said...

Great photos. And thanks for the link shout-out! ;o)