Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Watching this space

Listening to: Come on feel the Lemonheads - The Lemonheads. I quite like how this album doesn't really end. they just muck around in the studio for a few tracks.

Just in case any of you have been looking west at dusk in the last few days and wondering, "Gee, what are those two bright stars? Have they always been there?" etc etc etc
There be a conjunction happening in the skies. The three brightest objects in the sky are hanging out in the same bit of sky at the moment if you care to look. They be the planets Venus and Jupiter, and the Moon.

Which actually is the moon. Not a space station.

Anyway, here they are from my backyard. Venus is the brighter one, since although Jupiter is a gazillion times bigger than Venus, Venus is a gazillion times closer to us than Jupiter, and more reflective to boot.

28 Nov
30 Nov. Cresent moon shows up for the get together. Note how the planets are changing position relative to each other....
02 Dec (Tonight). The moon has passed through. If it hadn't been raining last night we would have seen it pass in front of Venus, which would have made for a cool series of pictures, but it was raining and hence cloudy, so you will just have to imagine it.
Included for no other reason than I though that trees blowing around at dusk would make a pretty picture.
More scientific info about the conjunction here (Linky).

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Janet said...

I had figured they were planets, but not which ones. Very cool. And the moon has looked awesome over the last few nights when it could be seen.