Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pondering things

Listening to: Starlifter-Fur Patrol

Late night after a bout of Twilight Shift combat brings out the thoughtfulness.

-Devo's school reunion post caused a lot of pondering. It has occured to me that I may have one or two unresolved issues relating to my high school experiences. I am thinking of getting into them here, but I'm not sure I am ready to reveal that much on this blog yet.

-My 1995 car accident has come up a few times lately. I'm not sure I am ready to get into the details of that yet either. Or maybe I just haven't figured out the right words.

-The stars are my friends. They are my companions when driving home on nights like this. Sometimes I detour to a darker place away from the city lights and just bask in their ancient glory. The night sky is an illusion. When you look at the stars, you are looking back in time, because the speed of light is slow, and the distances to travel are enormous almost beyond comprehension. I like that. We can never see the night sky as it is, only as it was.

-My job seems to be getting harder and harder, and less and less enjoyable. I more and more am thinking about moving on. I have no idea what to. I'm getting particularly frustrated with being asked to do new tasks with no instruction or experience, and inadequate briefing. Nearly incurred a major time wasting loss tonight because of the inadequate brief. Monetary loss would have also ensued, but the time and effort wasted is more important.
I didn't get either of the internal positions I applied for, despite being admitted to by an HR person that I was more than qualified and would have been competent in either.
F**k 'em, its their loss.

-It's odd, while I am happy to use profanity in my speech, I don't like using it in anything I write.

-I was so thrilled to get my car back after a warrant and service that I backed it into a lamppost at the garage. Now I have to find out if the cost of panel beating is less than the excess, and thus if it is worth claiming.

-When I get home late at night I like to spend a few moments watching my wife sleep.

-Not all friends have to be your best friend. This has taken a long time to figure out. Different friends serve different purposes.

-I particularly enjoyed throwing the long pass from halfway to the backnet, over at least three defenders to NK for the succesful score at netball last night.

-Having the theme from 'Happy Days' stuck in your head is infinitely preferable to having the theme from 'Neighbours' stuck in your head.

-'Life on Mars' wrapped up pretty well. Thoroughly enjoyed the series. One of my favourite moments with Moto (our recently gone-home Japanese boarder) was watching 'Life on Mars' with him and explaining all the accents and slang to him. I think because my father is from northern England I have an affinity for their language, and enjoy hearing it.
My other regular watch 'Jericho' just got a bit more interesting, after a flat few episodes.

-'Starlifter' is a pretty good EP.

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Janet said...

Stars are great. I like looking at them after I get off the bus before I get home. 2 nights ago the moon had a halo. It looked very cool.

My job is doing the same thing. I'm reaching the point where I feel like quitting it all and moving to the middle of nowhere. I could go a rant here, but probably better on my blog, Anyway, the point being, I empathise.

I've had the music from the Meridian Energy ad stuck in my head now for about a fortnight. Someone told me it is from the Forrest Gump Suite. I don't know. All I know is that it is berloody annoying.