Monday, August 15, 2011

More Chillier

The current snowstorm is now being referred to as a once in a lifetime event. I can vouch for that; I have never seen conditions like this in thirty years of living in the area :).

My street about 4pm today after a couple of hours of snow and hail:
Earlier in the afternoon:
Tonight during a lull:
Weather info for around 4pm. It is a funny kind of cold, in that I go outside and don't realise just how cold it is at first like on a frosty morning. It takes a minute or two to get chilled.
I came home early from work today because I was concerned if I left it too late I might not be able to get up the hill. Now I am wondering if I will be stuck up here tomorrow. Unlike yesterday, most of the stuff that fell today (snow, then hail, then snow, then more hail) isn't melting yet.

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