Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just like Uncle Joe used to make

Out and about today I noticed the new sculpture commemorating Wellington's involvement in the GLOЯIOUS PATЯIOTIC PEOPLE’S COLLECTIVE SPOЯTING EVENT Rugby World Cup has been emplaced (future patriots/revolutionaries for scale).
I know the all praiseworthy Weta designed it, and I like public sculpture, and I'm not even against some being created for this event, but the first thing I think of when I look at that is 'Communist Bloc', since to me it looks just like the sort of thing those regimes would have commissioned to keep the people thinking proper :).


R said...

Wow - totally reminds me of some of the communist-inspired propaganda around the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Very... collectivising.

BTW, have you (or anyone) seen a France supporters t-shirt on any of those racks in the supermarkets? I can spot the Scots, the Safas, the Fijians, but the French one? Is it not being sold for a reason? Or is it just damned popular?


Off-Black said...

I haven't looked particularly closely at any of the supporters T's in the super market, so don't really know. I don't recall the Sydney Harbour bridge stuff either, you'll have to point it out to me. What a useless reply this is! :)