Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Smiths and I

I've always had a love/hate relationship with The Smiths. Love the music, but the vocal stylings of lead singer Morrissey not so much. Morrissey's utterances both on and off the records were a major impediment to me enjoying the band (I have the same issue with Rage Against The Machine as well), and since The Smiths are one of those bands that many deem essential, I wondered if I was missing something.

Then it clicked. I didn't have to like Morrissey, as long as I liked Johnny Marr:

That riff is perfection.


Anonymous said...

that makes me a bit sad need to try harder to love Morrissey .....the lyrics ....the affectation, the hair ....


Off-Black said...

Even when I was a mopey teenage boy and theoretically squarely in his audience I didn't feel the Morissey love. Maybe I needed to be a teenage girl. I'll ask my big sister next time I see her :)