Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas and all that

Listening to: Explosions In The Sky - Those who tell the truth shall die (2001).

The Christmas break was a blast. The only problem with getting into the "what day of the week is it?" holiday mode, is that all of a sudden you realise its Sunday, the Sunday before the Monday you go back to work (today).

Christmas Day was cool, the decorated trees (props to my sister for coming up with that) outside the family house heralding a great gathering for lunch, presents and hanging out.

It was also hot and calm, the hottest day in Wellington for a long time (and the second hottest Christmas day since records began). It was certainly the hottest I have ever seen on my backyard thermometer of ish in the six years we have had it:
The heat induced both post Christmas lunch siestas and beautiful thundery cumulonimbus clouds popping up over the ranges:
By evening it still hadn't cooled off much so we headed to my favourite local beach for a paddle. Depite the promise of ice-cream the girls conked out in the car. They quickly revived though once they realised more fun was to be had.
Even at 8pm the the beach was still alive, with people still hitting the water even as the sun set (I went for a swim, it was blissful).
Perfect end to a perfect day.


Maureen said...

Beautiful beach pictures! It's so funny to think about a Christmas that is not cold and snowy, even in New Mexico where we don't get much snow (just cold).

Off-Black said...

I have only had one attempt at a winter Christmas (in England), and it didn't even snow. I was disappointed.