Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Finally hopping on my bike today for the first time this year, on a perfect summer morning, on the ride to work this song came up on my mp3. It was just right.

I was playing that song on another perfect summer morning in 1995 when it was only a couple of years old. Some friends and I were on a roadtrip heading up to a music festival, and stopped in Waitarere Beach for a few days. Back then I was often an early riser on the road (by choice even), and one morning I woke before dawn, and headed to the beach while the rest of the camp slept.

I had made a couple of mix tapes for the roadtrip, and I walked out onto the sand just as "Juice" was playing on my walkman. It was a calm and clear sky and the sun hadn't yet crept over the distant Tararua range to the east. In the pre dawn twilight I could look out to sea where it was still night, look inland at the brightening sky where the new day was approaching, and look up the beach and clearly see Mount Ruapehu looming in the distance, more than 140 kilometres away. There was no-one around, just me, the beach and the scenery. It was a cool moment, and I'm reminded of it whenever I hear that song. The next morning I took my camera with me on my walk, but I was a bit later and the sun was already up when I got out there, rendering the mountain invisible. It's still one of my favourite old photos though. And it's still a great song.
Waitarere Beach, January 1995

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