Thursday, March 01, 2012

Autumn beckons

How did it get to be March already? Summer goes by too fast. The days now are shortening, and a chill coming to the nights and mornings. December doesn't really count as summer, everyones all focused on the end of the year, January is generally a blur of holidays and getting back to work, then February goes by only slightly less quickly.

Not that it was a particularly memorable summer anyway. Never actually cold, and not quite the worst summer I can remember (that was around 1991-1992), but close, and only occasionally warm and calm around here like we know it can be. Mostly grey and wet at the times we didn't want it to be. There was a definite paucity of hot days and evenings, and swimming at the beach.

I'm usually the last to complain about the weather, but my pragmatism has been sorely tested this summer. Thanks a bunch La Nina.

Still, there were one or two nice sunsets to be had:

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missrabbitty said...

i think i missed the one week of summer we had. i was otherwise occupied and where i was wasn't conducive to lying around in the sun. we did have a wicked storm one night...but i was too out of it to notice.

and nice clouds.