Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some shots from the Petone Winter Carnival and Fireshow last weekend (which was confusingly held in spring this year, the same day in fact as another nearby local spring carnival. Someone said it was something to do with a certain tournament involving an oval ball).
One of those unplanned shots that kinda works. I was taking a pic of all the lights on the beachfront when Charlotte decided she wanted to be in it too.
Petone Wharf
One of those carnival ride spinny nausea generator things.
Burning the fire sculptures

Boats waiting for the fireworks


missrabbitty said...

ha how charlotte photobombed your pic.

Jessica said...

Those firework pictures are great!! I can never seem to make those work!

Off-Black said...

Rabbity: It was really funny, I was lining things up in the viewfinder and she just sort of loomed in the frame monster movie style :)
Jessica: Thanks :). Having a tripod, a remote shutter release controller, and the ability to manually play with exposure settings on the camera is a big help...