Sunday, September 04, 2011


Its a year ago today since the first earthquake in Christchurch, and 'normal' got redefined. A resident blogger looks back here. A year ago "liquefaction" was introduced to the national vocabulary. A little over six months later we would get "Red Zone".

I found these videos on Friday taken by a contractor working in Christchurch's cordoned off central city.

I've only been to Christchurch half a dozen times or so, never for more than a week, so can't claim to be intimately familiar with the place. I am quite familiar with some of the places in the videos though. Having seen them alive and full of energy as the central part of New Zealand's second largest city, seeing them covered in dust, empty, still and broken, knowing what happened there and that they have been that way for six months is more than a little sad and unsettling. They just look wrong.

P.S. This is post 666 of this blog. Seems mildly appropriate.

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