Thursday, September 29, 2011

Record Store Brain Fade

Listening to: Random MP3 again. Right now it is this (not the proper video, because that is on youtube Vevo, and I hate Vevo).

I think at 35 I can reserve the right to be old fashioned about some things. One of those is continuing to buy albums on CD. I like the physical experience of browsing the record store, finding the thing you want, that you might have been looking for for ages, and checking out the artwork and inlay while you listen to it. In the age of everything being available on MP3, I feel we are diminishing one of the essential parts of the music experience: listening to a track in context of the album it came from. Sometimes albums are a collection of otherwise unrelated tracks, but other times they flow and feed off each other.

I tend to be handicapped in the record store process though, in that while not shopping I know exactly which albums I'm interested in, once in the store I often forget which they are. In this way, albums I have meant to buy for years slip through the cracks.

A couple I have rediscovered recently.

One of them is this one, solely on the basis of this track:

I quite like what the poster has done with the video too. It works very very well.

Another one is this, which always reminds me of a rainy day in the summer of 2005/6, when we would listening to the radio in the lounge with the door to our deck open, the relaxing sight and sound mixing easily with the music. I never picked this one up at the time mainly because I could never figure out what the song was actually called.


Ben Grizz said...

Nice choice of tracks.

Off-Black said...

Thanks Ben. I had a look over at your blog and it looks like we have a few interests in common :) Look out for a few comments here and there ;)